Sheri J. Neale

Sheri J. Neale is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from Wilberforce University in 2006 with a degree in Accounting. Immediately after college, Sheri started her career in Columbus, OH as an accountant for the federal government. She currently serves as president of the Columbus Chapter for Wilberforce alumni and is also the Secretary of the national board. She has worked tirelessly to fundraise, recruit and also connect with students attending WU. In 2015 she also formed her own non-profit organization, Maroon Arts Group, a collective of community artists whose mission is to develop and provide a platform for conscious art centered around the preservation and promotion of cultures of African descent. Most notably, MAG has been the realization of a true passion and service that includes the arts. MAG has embarked on a journey to provide a liberated, arts centered community space that allows healing, open expression. Using the concept of repurposed shipping containers we will work to build community in the King-Lincoln/Bronzeville District. Sheri is a resident of the KLD. She thanks God daily for her blessings and wholeheartedly receives the obligation to give back knowing that she thrives because of others example to serve.

TEDxKLB 2018

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