Krate Digga

Krate Digga has over 20 years under his belt as a professional DJ. These two decades have allowed Krate to successfully move beyond the scope of solely DJing into the realms of producing, arranging, composing, teaching, mentoring; and executive producing a documentary.

Schooled in turntablism by Detroit’s DJ Sicari (5E Gallery) while an undergrad at Kentucky State University, Krate Digga went on to form the Mos Wanted Crew in 1997 with DJ Sicari & DJ Rod-Nice. DJ Krate Digga is co-founder of The Mighty SoundChampz Crew (Columbus, 2001) and was also a founding member of The Usual Suspects DJ Crew (Columbus, 2006).

Flexing his trademark musicality as a DJ, Krate Digga is a performer with Watu Utungo, The Free Agents, S.P.I.R.I.T., and others. Krate’s resume of residencies include the renowned poetry club Snaps N’ Taps, The Red Zone’s Standard Lounge, The Opium Lounge, The Brownstone, Cove Lounge, and Club Icon; just to name a few.

Krate Digga is a 2015 graduate, 2016 collaborator, and a two-time facilitator (2017, 2018) of the Lincoln Theatre Artist Incubation program, an Ohio Art League member; as well as a participant in Scott Woods’ 2017 Holler event series.

2017 was an intentionally focused year for Krate, as he amplified his voice with speaking engagements & workshops pushing his agenda of Artist Development through effective implementation of process; including his participation in the inaugural Making Midwest Fest (July, 2017).

Krate is also a brother, a father, an uncle, an arts advocate, and much more. He understands the importance of creative life aside from the art itself, using his platforms to address the realities therein.

After over 20 years in the game, Krate has solidified his name as one of the Midwest’s most diverse hip hop and soul DJ’s.

TEDxKLB 2018

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