Kimberly Brazwell

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Kimberly Brazwell is a trauma-informed social justice advocate. With nearly 15 years in community and alliance-building, her expertise lies in resiliency efforts, the reduction of non-academic and non-occupational barriers to success, dialogue facilitation, strategic planning, collaborative team and relationship building, training and professional development and event planning. In 2010, Brazwell launched her consulting company, KiMISTRY, which specializes in reshaping “fit” perspective by examining the intersectionality of equity and inclusion, behavioral health and holistic wellness. She also serves as Executive Director for the nonprofit, King Lincoln Family Services Corporation which applies a trauma-informed approach to community development. An undergrad alum of Ohio University and grad alum of The Ohio State University, Brazwell published a memoir on workplace trauma in 2017 entitled, Browning Pleasantville. She has also written multiple poetry chap books and was a contributing author of an in-press textbook for a chapter entitled, “Practical Application of Implicit Racial Debiasing”. Outside of social justice work, she is a graphic recorder, visual and performing artist and mother of two amazing daughters.

TEDxKLB 2018

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