Carlotta Penn

Dr. Carlotta Penn is an educator and daydreamer from Columbus, Ohio committed to advancing social justice in the world, especially as it relates to educational access, experiences, and outcomes. Building with diverse communities across the globe in ways that promote human rights to freedom and peace is a fulfilling and important part of her work. Daydreamers Press, the public vehicle for her personal passions, is a multicultural education company focused in children’s book publishing and diversity programming. It is her contribution to a world where all people can see representative and inspiring reflections of themselves in books and communities.

A Daydreamer is a creative thinker who believes it is important, possible, and fulfilling to work their dreams to life. To Press is to do with diligence, To share your voice. Daydreamers “Press” for a liberated world. She lives in the King Lincoln neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio with her husband, daughter Jember Dove, and son Zemen Phoenix.

TEDxKLB 2018

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