The King-Lincoln Bronzeville District is a historically African-American area in Columbus, Ohio. Originally known as Bronzeville by the residents of the community, it was rebranded as the King-Lincoln District by former Mayor Michael B. Coleman in hopes of revitalizing and highlighting the historical significance of the district. Home to the historic Lincoln Theater and the King Arts Complex, this near east side neighborhood was the heart of an affluent African-American business and entertainment district in the 1930s and ‘40s. The name TEDx King-Lincoln Bronzeville commemorates the history and contemporary vibracy of the area.


Although there are many great TEDx events in the midwest there aren’t any that are intentional about pushing to
the surface the ideas, narratives and hard work everyday diverse people are creating, sharing and living to make their neighborhood a better place. Our goal is to highlight the unique and creative lives of this diverse neighborhood and show how their experiences connect to national and global narratives and solutions.

What you can expect

Held at the home of the Tigers, East High School provides a perfect venue as a heart of this neighborhood. Live speakers will include physicians, researchers, and creative activists. With CREATE as the theme, TEDxKLB will prove that a neighborhood’s history is not destined to be lost in the midst of gentrification and that culturally-focused creative placemaking can be led by neighbors. This trailblazing event will demonstrate how this neighborhood is a microcosm of innovation that can be replicated across the country and the world.

Who is TEDxKLB for?

The event will cater to King-Lincoln residents and visitors of the area. Our attendees are parents, educators, entrepreneurs, visual artists, performers, and business owners. Our audience is also global with the incomparable reach of the TEDx platform.

Special thanks to our amazing partners